Coocafé Institutional Video

Coocafé has just launched her newer institutional movie (the first one was launched in 2009, when the cooperative completed 30 years), that is already in her youtube channel.

All the images from de institutional, made in 3 types – complete, with statements; the video with jingle of 1 minute; and one version of 30 seconds to TV – were captured at the region of Coocafé’s acting. Beside this, during all the recording, people like cooperatives, family, employees and children from social projects supported for Coocafé and from Coopcel (Educational Cooperative created by Coocafé) have been involved in; in other words, there was no necessity of actors.

Another news from this edition is that the mean movie, complete, will be available whit audio in Portuguese and English, and, possibly, in Spanish too.

The production from the new video make part of the Coocafé Communication’s Plan, belonging to the Campaign “Sou Coocafé”, that will happened during all the year, at cooperative.

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