Coocafe participates in the big fair of special coffees of the world

For the sixth year consecutive, Coocafe participated in the main fair of special coffees of the world: SCAA Annual Show, on April 11-14, in Boston, US.

The Cooperative’s CEO, Fernando Romeiro de Cerqueira was present in the fair, with brazilian entourage, comprising Fairtrade groups, farmers, directors of cooperative and consultants of Sebrae – institution which organized and paid for the trip, along with the Organization of Brazilian Cooperatives in Minas Gerais (Ocemg).

This was the 25th edition of the fair, where companies around the entire world expose the main news related to coffee. As the CEO of Coocafé had already reinforced, the participation of Brazil in expositions like this is extremely important, because the country is very focused in quality of production, beyond the opportunity of participants to exchange information about the diversity, not only from Brazil but also of another countries.

Other point raised by the president is that Brazilian’s participation in the fair is increasing, which demonstrates the growing efficiency of the country's farmers to produce quality coffee. Fernando also stated that this experience brings a maturity to all participants, which creates opportunity for better management for associations and cooperatives, as well as new business opportunities. For the president, the show left the lesson that Brazil needs to make a strategic work to increase the degree of confidence in their coffees and also consolidate as recognized provider of high quality coffees.

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