Representatives of German company visit Coocafé

Last Monday (13/07), Coocafé received a visit of two representatives from German company GEPA – The Fairtrade Company.  Kleber Cross and Karl Heinz came to Brazil to know the characteristics of coffee and Brazilian producers.

On that day in the region, the “German” met with the Chairman Director of Coocafé, Fernando de Cerqueira Romeiro, in the office of the Cooperative, where they exchanged information on the trends of the global market for coffee. At the meeting, Kleber and Karl, also experienced a bit of history and the actions that Coocafé has been developing. Then, they visited some cooperated (picture), and realized – in practice – how the system of family farming does, which is what stands out in the region.

Later, in the afternoon, Karl Heinz and Kleber Cross visited the State School Arnaldo Leite Ribeiro, which is participating in the Project “EPA Youth” (Education Program for Attention to Youth), donating a football to the students. To close the day, the representatives were on the premises of the warehouse Areado and checked the whole structure of storage, processing and testing of coffee, besides the works of extension being performed on site.

Throughout route, Kleber and Karl were accompanied by officials and the director's chairman Coocafé.

After the visit, representatives traveled to other Brazilian regions, so, travel round other places where coffee is produced. But before leaving the cooperative, they did matter to express great satisfaction with the visit to the region and Coocafé.

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